The Role Of An Architect In Designing Hotels

Building a hotel requires support of many professionals and contractors. The hotel building must be designed carefully to attract customers and make their stay comfortable. Architects play an important role in designing hotels. In fact, hotels cannot be designed without their support services. Hotels are designed by commercial architects specialising in commercial buildings.

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The Role of an Architect in the Development of a Large Building

The services of an architect are needed during the initial phases of constructing a building. Their support is needed even after the construction work starts. They can rectify design defects of an existing building. First of all, architects provide a brief that details the basic concepts of the building. They carry out feasibility studies and conduct appraisals. They are qualified to advise on appointing other professionals like specialist designers and contractors. Their help is needed to prepare the project brief, concept design, final design, planning applications and tender documentation. They can help prepare the applications that builders have to submit to get the building construction approvals.

The Role of an Architect in a Hotel's Design

Architects initially provide the concept design of the building. Once the client approves this design, the architect prepares the detailed final design used by the contractor to build the hotel. The concept design is prepared after the feasibility studies have been done. The project brief is ready and the hotel owner is now ready to build the hotel. The concept design is the initial design idea where the basic concept of the hotel is developed. This design includes design concept, outline specifications, planning strategy, budget plan and procurement options, among others.

The Final Design

Once the concept design has been approved, the architect is required to prepare the final design. This document provides the details of the building's main components and how they fit together. Support of other specialists like civil engineers may be needed to plan the design's technical aspects. Other specialists may be hired at this stage to perfect the design before the construction work starts. The detailed design has all data needed to apply for statutory approvals. It has information about the overall layout of the hotel, landscape, road, circulation routes, accessibility, accommodation, room layouts, room datasheets and building's dimensions, among others.

Use of Computer Programs in Architectural Design

Architects nowadays use architectural design software programs to design a building. It not only improves their designing process, they are also able to deliver better results. They have to prepare the design using software because contractors and other professionals involved in this process require digital files of the building design. Nowadays this data is also prepared in a 3D format. This 3D design allows the hotel owner to walk through the hotel areas in the virtual world. It gives the viewer a better understanding of various aspects of a hotel's building design, functionality and look.

The design of a hotel cannot be prepared without the support of a commercial architect. Architect firms offer the services of such architects. Services of these architects are also used when building something new in a hotel, to conduct an architecture design audit of an existing hotel, and to suggest solutions for the design problems noticed in the hotel building.